US Latino Dance : '' Life is a cabaret ''

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Inauguration of SUN 7 Boulevard / Manoo - Lyon

DJ Sara Costa party at the Lei Restaurant - Lyon



The Loire trophy ceremony - Saint Etienne

Resident at the Lei Restaurant - Lyon

Resident with "CABARET" show at the Dialogue Café - Lyon

Le plus grand apéro du monde EVENT - Lyon

 ARCADE orchestra tour - South of France

Resident at the Planches - Albigny sur Saône

Resident at the Koodeta - Lyon

Resident at Chez Paul'o - Lyon



Resident at Le Cargo - Lyon

Resident at the restaurant Aux 4 coins du monde - Lyon

Resident at the cabaret L'evenement - Lyon

Showroom Hyundaï - Casablanca - Maroc

Resident at the restaurant  - Le Montecristo - Lyon

Resident clubbing - Le Boudoir - Lyon

 Blanche Peroni party - Ness Restaurant - Lyon

GreenVibes - Bob Sinclar - Heineken - Babaloo Beach - Casablanca- Maroc

Les "Onzes d'Or'' - Méditel - Hyatt Regency - Casablanca - Maroc

Fashion show for '' Les Péchés Panoramiques'' du Radisson SAS Lyon

Creation of ''Cinema'' show for the 28th seminar Eldorador Jet Tours. la Palmeraie, Marrakech



Original creation for the hotel Radisson SAS de la Part Dieu, 30th anniversary.

Fashion show introducing Charlott' Lingerie at the abbaye  Paul Bocuse, with Modelenium.

 Peugeot 308 launching, in association with NRj radio, at Villefranche sur Saône.

Inauguration of Créma Latina parties, night club Le Symbol / Le Privilège Club.

Bespoke show for "L'association des commerçants de Bron".

 Mercedes-Benz new models launching at Châlon sur Saône. With 3 new creations for this event.

BMW new models launching at Vienne. « CABARET » and « COPA CABANA ».

 50th anniversary of  Transports BLANC. Different tableaux from  « CABARET » and « COPA CABANA ».


 Rosny sous Bois challenge: a 2 days swimming competition. Presentation of « CABARET » during the official dinner. « COPACABANA » was played during the competition breaks.

« COPA CABANA » at the La Suite restaurant for Anaveo company seminar

Fashion show for the "biennale du textile de Roanne" associated with MODELENIUM agency for a show staging 10 dancers and 12 professional models.

Creation and  performance of « COPA CABANA » show at the CUBE every Friday from May to July.

« CABARET » from January to April at the CUBE restaurant, every Friday.


Resident at the CUBE. « CABARET » performance once every month.

Various private parties for businesses and inaugurations…


« CABARET » launched at the CUBE restaurant/nightclub. This early version of the show mixed a dance performance and a lingerie show (7 dancers and 3 fashion models)

Inauguration of the  restaurant « les belles rives » on the Rhône riverside.


« A propos de rêves » our first creation which was staged for the first time Novembre 30 at the TOBBOGAN (auditorium). 13 dancers, 2 singers.

Various parts of this show were used for special nights in several night clubs of Lyon.


Resident at « La Maison des Cordeliers », café-théâtre. CABARET nights.


Us Latino Dance started with three dancers then won a one year contract to promote « ELIXIA » (gym club) along with ASVEL. For this contract, the company was enlarged to nine dancers.

At the same time, Us Latino performs at the cabaret / night club "Saint Antoine" for their Jazz nights.